Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving Setreview 2019

This is a review for the zippered case set only. It’s excellent. Very good quality case fabric and zipper – will last forever. On one side of the opened case, the handles are held firmly in place by a molded plastic liner. On the other side, the blades are held firmly in place by a magnet behind a plastic liner. The liner has molded depressions for each of the different blades, so it’s easy to find where they belong. There are no plastic parts except for the large handle. I don’t know how this set can be sold at this price. It would make a great gift for a hobbyist and/or crafts person.This is a great set of XACTO knives and I am glad I bought it on sale!! I had been needing another xacto after mine went missing, but turns out I use a few of these heads more often than I thought I would.Only problem and for the price/variety and value of the item it doesn’t knock off any points, is that the plastic inner for the case it comes with doesn’t 100% fit when zipped, so the blades (which are magnetically stuck into the plastic casing) can plop up during opening/closing.I¡¯ve used Xacto knives off and on for 30 years. These seem to be of the same quality I would expect. However, the set collection is a nightmare. They come in a nice wooden box, but there¡¯s nothing to secure the pieces inside.There¡¯s NOTHING to hold the cheap plastic trays in place. Closing it from either side means dumping out the contents of that tray. The blades have a cheap magnetic strip to hold them. The serrated blade is made of a non-magnetic material, so it just falls loose by default.I plan to try to glue the trays in place, but that¡¯s an iffy solution at best. Bottom line, I should HAVE to come up with a fix to their disastrous design!I purchased this set as a Father’s Day gift for my dad this year. I had already purchased one for my husband for Christmas several years ago and he absolutely loves it. I knew it was a great tool to have and thus it is so nice with this case so it’s a great addition to any man’s bag of tools. Both my father and my husband are carpenters so the fact that they like this means more value to me then someone who has no experience with different types of Hands-On work. It’s a great set tone. Just be careful, they are amazingly sharp.I guess you shouldn’t believe the pictures. Xacto used to make quality knives, but like a lot of products, over the years, have turned to foreign steel (pig iron). The blades fit into the aluminum insert of the handle is horrendous. The blades fit in the handle so hard as to be dangerous to the fingers. The first blade I put in broke. The blades are dull, and overall I wouldn’t recommend this set to anyone.I have bought the individual X-Acto knives before, but they are easily misplaced. Love that you get this great variety in this kit, along with refill blades and all contained in the zipper pouch. There is a little information sheet included that tells you what you can use the blades for. You can even do carving with them. X-Acto knives are perfect for the crafter. The zipper pouch proved a little troublesome to zip, but I can work with it. Now I just need to remember where I put them …This is a great product for anyone who is constantly cutting, regardless if it paper, chipboard, or leather. I use for all types and so far I am really pleased with it. It stores all the blades really nicely with a magnetic backing so that even when you place the knives in there prospective “;groove”; the magnetic keeps them stationary. Very clever and convenient. I has a pouch or “;net”; that holds refills which also is handy. Overall, I am very happy with this set. I allows you options for whatever detail work you are doing. For me personally the #2 is a God send because it is strong enough to handle leather work or rather the leather work I do. I create jewelry with leather and the #2 knives cuts it like butter. I was using the #1 knife out of sheer ignorance until I finally made the effort to seek out something that did not make me work so hard to cut my leather. Anyway…this storage unit is SOLID and even if you drop it it is all good just because of how it is designed and the magnetic mechanism along with the actually construction of the case which is SUPER hard. I give this 6 stars if I there was a sixth category!!!!The set is exactly what is shown in the picture, and the basic knives (which is what one mostly uses from the set) work fine. The handle doesn’t attach very securely to the blades, however, which is especially problematic with longer blades or motions which could pull the blade out of the handle (making, for example, the serrated blade useless). Some of the accessories didn’t fit at all into the handle, including two of the cutting blades. The long sheepsfoot blade only fit in with a considerable amount of pushing, and then was loose once it was as secure as it could get.I was still able to get some use out of the smaller blades for a couple projects, so I’m giving it 2/5. I would recommend buying either a set of knives/tools or a pocketknife/multitool instead of this set.Build quality is very poor. I had to return the first set I got because both of the straight edge blades snapped from the fulcrum within the first 10 minutes of light carving a piece of pine wood. I am currently using blades from a 5$ kit I bought at Wally World and it cuts way better + it didn’t snap in more than 2+ hours of use.Sure, the knives are 5 stars in my opinion, the box itself is good enough to be 5 stars, but the plastic inserts are just plain lame. Also, the place where you put the blades is like a puzzle. I’m not sure why they don’t number their blades and the insert to make it easier. Sure, when you take one or two blades out at a time it shouldn’t be a major issue figuring out which one goes where, but when they are all out, it’s a pain. I think that would be better if they didn’t cut/mold them to the blade and just left channels all the same size, so you can put a blade anywhere in there.But the handles and blades themselves are worth the purchase.,I ordered the basic knife set in the soft case. Although the case is indeed "soft" in its feel, it is quite sturdy and solid. I received exactly what I ordered and its a nice set. The knives work as expected. The case is handy in its design. The section that holds the different extra blades is magnetic and holds them all securely within their slots, There is a space in the upper right side of the case for additional blades, All in all this was a good purchase.Broke after 15 minutes of use. Wasn’t doing anything fancy, just trying to whittle a stick–sent a complaint and all they did was refund me. Didn’t offer any explanation. If it’s a woodcarving set, shouldn’t it last longer than 15 minutes carving wood?!Seems a lot of reviewers are bashing this product because of the case, particularly the liner insert that holds the blades. It’s true…you need to glue it in place, but hey, if you can’t figure that out, you probably have no business buying this in the first place. The insert actually holds the blades nicely once you get it glued into the lid. I wasn’t that impressed w/ the plane (ergo my rating of 4 stars instead of 5), but again, on the whole, worth the money. If you want high precision quality, then you should probably be buying individual specialty items and not this kit. I use it for building ship models (the spoke shave is really handy for rough shaping masts and yards, and the strip cutter is great for planking etc.)and it meets all my needs quite nicely.Years ago I bought a set of wood carving tools to use for fairly complex and exacting woodcarving/pattern making; I loved the tools. Recently I decided to return to wood carving and decided I wanted a set similar to the old ones I was used to. Save your money and don’t buy these. The tools themselves were disappointing, They were obviously very cheaply made and the edge they came with was clearly something I would have to work hours on to get a mediocre edge at best. I love Amazon as I returned these without any hassle. I almost never return anything, but these were junk. My recommendation is to spend a bit more and buy something with quality. These tools will give anyone nothing but trouble.This set has most of the common blades with a magnetic holder for each blade type and a booklet describing their uses. Although the set duplicates the smaller handles I previously owned, it provided the large heavy duty handle I didn’t at a great sale price. I commend the case as well because, while a bit bulky, it provides clearly designated spaces for each blade and handle.I got this for my friend for his birthday and he used it to carve me an amazing spoon for measuring coffee (see photo). Starting with a piece of oak firewood, he got it down to size with a hatchet, roughed it in with a pocket knife, and then finished it with this carving set. I’m not sure if it would make a novice great at carving, but in the hands of a master it makes them even more able to execute their craft. It seems to be a well rounded set that provides ample blades for various tasks.The CHEAPEST CHINESE JUNK I’ve ever seen. X-Acto has dropped from a quality hobby tool provider to knock-off junk.The tools aren’t the same as the pic – many are coated in black “;paint”; to cover up their low quality, and the “;wooden”; storage box is cheap pressboard with a paper thin veneer coating. I will NEVER buy anything X-Acto again.You’re better off buying the copy versions of these knives – They are actually better quality than the so-called “;X-Acto brand”;.Purchased this set to work on some wooden props… bought it, shelved it; life is fine… Then I needed to use it…Except for 3 blades, most don’t fit in the provided handle unless I take of the middle binder completly. Pretty dangerous when you’re working with sharps.This set bears every mark of a company trying to make everything as cheap as possible to make money. The inlay is thin and not even fastened to the lid. The items are stuck and hard to get out without cutting yourself. The sander block is a joke. The straight cutter is badly constructed and completely useless. And so on. A complete disappointment.My complaints:As soon as I opened the box, the front panel FELL OFF.The jeweler’s screwdriver is MIA.After precariously balancing and wedging the pieces of the block plane in place, it’s good for one stroke, two if you’re lucky, before you have to re-adjust it. Shockingly low quality.The blades are great, but overall I am disappointed. I expected better from this brand.,A classic and very handy set of tools. X-Acto is notorious for horribly cheap cases for their tools, and while this is pretty shoddy, the design makes it harder to screw up. It’s a simple hardshell zippered case which is great. They managed to get the zipper sewn on so sloppily that it’s a bit of a struggle to get it zipped closed, but it works. A good set with a good design for the case that they had to try harder to mess up.Well equipped with lots of different blades. However, some of the blades are not magnetic, and the magnetic strip is recessed, so it doesn’t hold the blades securely. I had to jury-rig a solution to hold them in. Also, the plastic inserts in each side are not secured, so they also fall out. I had to glue them in.If you like X-ACTO knives, then this is the set for you. Even though I only needed the standard knife, I went ahead and bought this entire set because of the low price. Unfortunately, I have no clue what all these different knives should be used for (cutting…presumably?). I’ll be dead and gone before I wear them all out. But, as a big fan of the original X-ACTO knife, this set takes it to a new level. Quality of kives and blades are great and everything came in good order. And, the blades aren’t organized in the case for shipping, so you’ll have yourself a little puzzle trying to figure out which blade fits in which hole. BONUS!Basic Knife Set review: Great set. Each of the three knife sizes has come in handy on a small project where I’m cutting pleather. Blades are strong but be careful when using the sharp-point blades; I broke the tip of the smallest pointed blade by putting too much pressure on it. The zippered case is such a bonus.This set of x-acto blades is perfect for the occasional hobbyist or studentPros:Very nice and durable caseMagnetic strips hold your blades in placeWeighted handlesEasy to swap out bladesSmall manual to help you know which blade to use for what jobCons:The Mesh pocket that “;Holds”; the manual doesn’t do a very good job, so the manual falls out a lotThe two metal handles are perfectly round, so they can easily roll away from you if you’re not carefulThe tip of the standard blade can break off (as it did to me)Overall, this is a nice set of x-acto blades. I use it for school to build my architecture models and they work great. Great deal for the price!I have been very happy with the quality of X-Acto products in the past, but this set was a major disappointment. Every piece of this set screams “;low quality”;. The box is very flimsy, the plastic pieces inside the box that keep the blades and handles couldn’t be made any cheaply. The handles have rough finish and they look like they won’t last very long. Blades are all soaked in some kind of oil and nowhere near as sharp as X-Acto blades used to be. The saw blade doesn’t even stick to the magnetic backing. I am switching to Olfa knifes and blades, which seem to be much higher quality.absolute garbage. the gouges, veiners, and scorps are not sharpened well enough to be even remotely useful. While the blades are razor sharp, the handle do not hold them well enough to be useful for cutting anything other than lines in paper. All in all, this product was a complete waste of money.Great kit. The blades work well and the assortment is useful.I do wish the blades had covers. Or at least, that there were three covers that collated with the three handles, for when the knife is out of the case but not actively in use. There is an accident waiting to happen.Though I didn’t change blades yet (actually I couldn’t figure how to).. But the one’s placed by default work wonder and are quite versatile.. I humbly consider myself a self-made creative and artistic person ;-).. I was making this beautiful lovely hand crafted birthday card for my honey… It was beyond my expectation.. I used the wooden base instead of the conventional polymer base people use ( I chose not to spend more). It cut very delicate designs intricately. Only if there was an informative instruction page as to how to change blades… Sometimes applying more pressure bends the delicate tip but that was probably because I was using the wrong blade. Grip is too good. I was lured by wooden boxes but this box is great too. Very light weight, safe and handy. My honey loved the card. Thank you guys. I owe it to you.This set is not for carving basswood or other similar woods. The blades are OK but the gouges and v-grooves leave a lot to be desired. The first v-groove I tried to use on basswood bent in half. I think this set would likely be OK for balsa wood or Styrofoam. If you are a wood carver, buy Flexcut or other quality specialized wood carving tools. You could buy one good carving knife for the price of this kit and be ahead of the game. I’m going to be trying some paper cutting projects in the near future that I think I’ll be able to use the blades for so the set won’t be a complete waste of my money.,Not really what I expected, plus one of them broke on the first use.Cost to muchSuper useful set! Good deal.This was fun to use.It’s a great way to cut stencils for crafters.I like the neat, orderly way it is organized in the case.I’ve used this to make some 3D greeting cards and was pretty pleased.I gotta be honest.. I was a little disappointed when I received my package.. I thought I was contributing to my boyfriends collection of woodworking tools. The package arrived in wonderful time, great condition, only problem was it was MUCH smaller than I imagined it being. Maybe im feeding into the stereotypical sexists that claim women have no spatial awareness.. But oh well! If you’re looking for a nice starter kit, this may be just for you!Great kit. I’ve been using my old X-ACTO blades for years, but needed a case. For the price of a good case, I got this kit with extra blades and two extra handles. It’s not the most sturdy case, but it does the job well and keeps my blades organized. I would recommend.

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