WORKPRO 30-Piece Heavy Duty Spring Clamps and Mini Bar Clamps Set for Woodworking, DIY Projects, Muslin Clamps for Photo Studio Backdrops Backgroundsreview 2019

Nice selection of clamps for a good price, but taking off a star because it arrived without the advertised net bag (which both the listing and the label on the box said it included). Sounds like a small thing but it was one of the reasons I chose this assortment. Otherwise fine for the smallish projects I like to do.Nice assortment of rather strong clamps, however, after messing with them for a couple of projects, I think I should have just gotten the pack of all large clamps considering the applications I normally have for them. But no complaints on the quality or gripping power of the clamps at this point. Time will tell how long they last.I have used this set of clamps at least 20 times in the last few weeks and I fully plan on buying this set again so I can have more of them. They are better than I thought they would be.Worked perfect for what I needed it for at the time and can see these xoming in handy often. If I had a suggestion, it would be to include a carrying bag or box so there is somewhere to store them, they just come loose in a shipping box.I like the tension; the more expensive name brand clamps are too firm for my taste. These have lighter springs but do what I need. My major issue is that the red tips come off quite easily. They are usable without the tips, but i would prefer they didn’t fall off so easily.Pretty decent clamp set. I wish the red tips would stay in place when they are open. They seem to easily turn upwards. I actually tried putting some tape behind them, to prevent this, but I only helped a little.Nice variety of clamps, still holding up, husband bought them to clamp sheets and blankets for son to make a “;fort”; they are nice and springy.Worked perfectly for my project of installing cabinet pulls. Made it easy to attach my jig in place for drilling the holes for the screws.Great product made in the USA! Came quickly. I use it for reasons other than its intended purpose and it works well. I am sure it would work well in a workshop environment.Good deal for so many clamps, I gave the large ones to the guys in the shop, I could not hold them open, but that is on my not the clamps. I use the small ones all the time for various jobs. Very handy to have and this is a great mix.,clamps were everything as expected, but packaging did not include carry bag as described.While most of the clamps held up fine one of them failed after about 30 minutes of clamping pressure all the others are still holding pressure luckily I was able to use a different clamp to hold my project together while gluingThese are quality clamps that are good for use around the house. I have not needed to use them for any serious clamping. They have held small pieces of wood together while being glued, and other similar projects. Thanks!Have been using these constantly since I have received them! They are great. Would strongly recommend. Haven’t had to use them ALL at once yet, but I’m sure I’ll find a project (or enough projects) sooner or later.Great set… well worth the money..If you need some woodworking clamps, don’t pass these up for your collection.springs are just right…. not to strong like some i’ve seenThese are good little clips. I needed a range of clip sizes and this was perfect. The only items I didn’t feel were worth while are the bar clamps. They work just ok, I would like them to be able to assert more pressure.These clamps are AMAZING! I use them to make bed sheet forts for the kids. It requires more hand strength than a child can muster, so expect to help little ones. I just bought another set I love them so much!good selection of clamps and well constructedThese clamps squeeze things together, put to normal uses like keeping a cloth on a picnic table in a pinch and squeezing two pieces of a broken torso together until the glue dries.Booyah! Can’t get a set like this from anywhere around town at the brick & mortar joints at this price and excellent durability. Highly recommend.,I sleep on a electric hospital bed, and have a mattress topper on it. I use these spring clamps to hold topper to mattress and does the job.These clamps are great. This is the second set I have bought. I use them to hold photography backgrounds to stands.I’m a newborn photographer and use these to hold my backgrounds.I’ve had them for at least 4 years and none has broken and I use them a lot.they are super strong and I like the fact that it comes in different sizes.The feet on the clamps can easily rotate the wrong direction. If you clamp it with the feet in the wrong direction the force of the clamp deforms the feet and they just fall off. This is a very poor design.Serves its purpose! I decided to go with the larger variety pack this time (cheaper than the clips marketed for photography) and I’ve had no issues. Clamps are tight and hold my fabrics in place for backdrops.These little guys are really strong! I use them to hold fabric in place on photo shoots. LOVE them.Excellent set of clamps for just about every one of my many craft projects! Really strong, but they’re easy to open, and have a variety of sizes. They’re also quite durable, and I’ve even used them under water!Seems to be good quality clamps. I would definitely buy more of these if i needed them and I would recommend them.We really like these clamps. We use them so often for so many purposes. Having different sizes is a real plus.Useful selection of sizes, strong springs, soft jaws. Good buy.,pretty good clamps

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