Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Uppercase Alphabet Branding and Personalization Set for Wood and other Surfacesreview 2019

Everything is good, but the “;7”; is very difficult to burn because of the very harsh drop off line of the background plate. It is hard to put enough pressure on it (especially in leather) to get the “;7”; burnt in well without the line where the background ends burning in as well.I had been wanting to brand wood for quite some time but was finding it almost impossible with my very limited wood burning skill set to be able to have not just readable, but uniform letters. This set is exactly what I needed and works great. Be mindful that you must allow the tool to heat up longer than normal so that all the points on the letter will come across crisp and uniform. At times you might need to press some of the edges in slightly as they are further from the hot tip of the tool. Overall this product works great. Keep a piece of rough grit sandpaper near by as if you use a letter a few times it will get the black burn ‘tar’ on it that will need to be scraped off in order to perform perfectly.Used less than one day, and the base threaded portion of one of the numbers broke off of the number. Not sure if I can tack it back together so it works. Another number had damaged threads and would not seat fully in the tool. Not worth the time and effort to return, as I won’t need to use that number a lot and can always just draw it in with one of the drawing tools. Still, not what I was expecting to happen.But they work fine. Wish they were a little sharper on the edges, they are stamped pieces with threaded posts brazed onto the backs.Although I haven’t had a chance to use yet they look and feel sturdy and like they will last for quite awhile. My only (very small) issue is that it doesn’t seem like the letters are raised enough, like if you applied any pressure that the background would make a mark on your surface. This may all prove to be a non issue, but I did want to mention it. I believe that even with that possibility that this is a great product., and if that becomes an issue that with some adjustment on my part it can be overcome.The device was very effective for the project I wanted to complete. This was my first wood burning experience, and it went well. HOWEVER, the threads on the device got screwed up after switching the accessory pieces out multiple times. I was very careful to do it straight, so I think one of the accessory pieces was faulty. Anyways, I requested a replacement device and amazon sent it quickly and free of charge. Overall, good experience with this device.I’ve been making some toys for my kids, and burning phrases on the wood. These letters have worked great. I let it heat up for about 4 minutes or so, and then let it cool down in between each letter for about 5 minutes, before unscrewing and heating up a different letter.So far I’ve only used the Letter’s A & C on upper case fonts, I also purchased the lower case letters.. and well it all depends how the wood surface is, this one wasn’t smooth so it looks smudge and over burned, I will have to try it on a smooth surface to see if it looks better.I’ve been using these for about 5 months now and I love them! They fit right into my Walnut Hollow soldering iron and do an excellent job on my wood working projects. If you remove these while they are hot, and you use pliers, be sure not to squeeze too tightly otherwise you might end up scratching up the metal on the face side of the letter – just a tip. Excellent product and very inexpensive.They work great, used them on pine and red oak, no problems. only thing I noticed when you constantly remove and install, you need to repair the threads in the burner with a tap. They get harder and harder overtime when you keep removing and installing different numbers. I would also recommend buying to burners, this way as one is heating up the other one is ready to go.These work really well. Make sure to measure where you want it before so that everything is even. The only downfall is that you have to turn the burner on and off and let it cool down to change the letters. I use pliers to speed the process up, but it definitely requires patience.,These stamps and points are nice addition to my Walnut Hollow wood burning tool. Basic tips are duplicated so I can remove (using pliers when hot) one tip if it gets dirty / “gunked up” and in few seconds have same tip ready for use without the cooling time. The numbers give reasonably sharp impressions in both wood and leather.I hesitate to rate on any the “toy” categories as I do not consider this a wood burning tool or its accessories a “toy”.Only drawback is the cost, which I consider a bit high for what you get, but could not find this selection any other place, it is as expensive as basic tool and its 9 tips.I’ve recently started wood burning crafts or pyrography and these have been a great investment. So much easier than burning each letter by hand. I got all threes sets: upper case, lower case and numbers. They’re well made and fit any standard wood burning pen.Not a bad product overall, however some of the letters broke after a couple years is. He heat that allows you to screw the letter into the pen snapped or bent on two of the letters after only being used twice. I was able to repair one, but not the other.I use them to burn names and messages into the wooden boxes I sell. They seem a bit wobbly sometimes when screwed into the top of my wood burning tool but that may be the tool rather than the stamps. In any case, they work well.I purchased these to pair with my Walnut Hollow Creative Versa tool and they work without issue. They fit well and give a perfectly flat contact. You do have to remove some occasional black residue that builds up during use on wood in order to preserve the quality of the imprint.Great takes a lil practice before project to make sure it pressing exactly even or the edges of stamp will show. Bu works very good. Used pliers gently to remove hot stamp before applying a new lettervery nice but incomplete seller is most assured me of taking care of problem and is trust worthy, Problems happen and ths seller is worthy of her product, Give her a try you won’t be unhappy, Great seller with great product good values!Great quality little tools. Works excellent and look beautiful. A little tricky to get used to stamping them, but after a while you get the hang of it. Easy to change in and out while using.The Walnut Hollow Alphabet Stamps are a wonderful idea and work beautifully! There’s just one problem. The letters separate from the post that holds them on the wood burning tool, leaving the post in the tool, and very hard if not impossible to remove! Letter E broke after heating and using just 2 times. Contacted Walnut Hollow and they sent me a new tool, and a new letter E. Then, the letter A did the same thing! They said they have had this trouble and are working on the problem. Hope they solve it, because they work beautifully otherwise.I am new to wood burning and received the instrument for Christmas. I tried it out on discarded wood but the one tip that came with the set was rather limiting so I researched other tips and discovered the alphabet branding tools. The price is great! I have used the the letters on one project. As I can be impatient, the heating and cooling time required for each letter is a bit frustrating but the end result was pretty good for a first attempt. My one regret it that there the company apparently does not also make numbers! I especially wanted this particular project to have the year on it.,for whatever reason they re apparently a proprietary size to fit only 1 type. Any no way to hook up with existing burner. 100 percent useless!Take your time. Let the letter heat up and let the heat do the work. Don’t press down to speed up the processFit perfectly in the wood burner of the same brand, I like the font and wish they had them in more fonts, I have recommended these to other peopleI’ve had this tool for a few months now. It seemed to be working good…until a piece busted while I was removing it . Maybe a good kit to try out to see if pyrography is for you. But if you’re serious about it, spend your money on a more expensive kit.Fit perfectly on the Walnut Hollow wood burning tool. Easy to change out using pliers. Takes about 20 – 30 seconds to burn a letter and about 1 -2 minutes to change out a letter. Takes about 3 minutes to heat up when you first plug in and then about 1 minute after letter change out. Use heat resistant gloves and pliers.Love these! They work great and take the guesswork out of freehand. I would recommend practicing before using each time to make sure they are hot enough.This work great and meet my expectations. I ordered them with a wood burning pen to do projects with my sons and these are great. Each one will smoke a little though the first time you heat them up. Perhaps they came with an oil coating to prevent oxidation. But they worked well.These worked really well for a recent project I was working on. It would be better if the letters stood out a little more, but for the price I can’t complain too much. Just takes a little practice to make sure you don’t get the burn background when stamping.Looks like it would be good. But they break on first use. The letters feel off the thread .. some letters worked but half broke off on first use . One broke off inside my burner pen and I can’t get it out. So now I’m out 35+ dollars and now I can’t make the Christmas presents I was going to make with this.Why do you sell something that can’t do the intended purpose.one of the numbers had a rough spot,but never underestimate a woman’s knowledge of how to repair!,Fantastic product at a great price.GREATFantasticThese are great for a first timer in pyrography. I’ll probably end up buying the lowercase letters as well and I wish this included the lowercase. It’s understandable though. It’s a bit hard to get them all level(at least for a newbie like me) but it’s so entertaining and this is a new way for me to expand my experience when it comes to drawing and arts in general. I’ll be adding a few images once I manage to make something decent enough!Daughter and family have been enjoying stamping both wood and leather with these great letters.Easy to use, works great

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