SILIVN Tongue and Groove Set, Router Bit Set, Wood Door Flooring 3 Teeth Adjustable, 1/2 Inch Shank T Shape Wood Milling Cutter Woodworking Tool, 2 Piecereview 2019

Product works well but they are NOT matched as claimed. Tongue is always loose in the groves.The groove bit worked fine, but the bit to create the tongue side was either defective, shipped dull, or just plain poor quality. It couldn’t even go through a few inches of the soft wood I was testing it on without burning the wood. It was just plain dangerous. Grabbing and ripping. This is about the 10th bit like this that I’ve used – so don’t feel like it was user error…This is the dullest tool I have ever purchased. I used it once an threw it away. It makes a mess of your workGreat bit. Would buy again.Yes, I am pleased with the bits. I got the both set up today and did initial runs. Made a good set of setup blocks for both. Will be doing production tomorrow.I used these on premium pine for a screen door I built. I had a lot of issues with tear out l, and the wood got so hot that it blackened. I don’t think the were at all sharp. The tongue and groove also weren’t as snug as I was expecting.cant leave review on this – it wasn’t what we needed and I forgot to return it so didn’t use.They are terrible. Don¡¯t buy them if you care at all about the quality of your work.Would work on 5/8 stock but not for 3/4 as advertised. The cutters leave about 1/8¡± of material on the groove. Don¡¯t buy these if you are using 3/4¡±…Worked good had to make some adjustments with the spacers but got there,I have not used it yet but it seems to high qualitySloppy fit. Spend the money and buy a quality set!Work’s Great !!!One of the teeth is higher than the other two. It’s a cheap bit couldn’t expect too much from it.We had to go out and buy a newer router for these to fit.It would be helpful to have the shaft diameter mentioned in the description.It was everything expected. Totally reliable tool!fast shipper and product of high quality, very happy.Very affordable yet precision bits. Delivery was on time.Tongue bit has trouble getting through material, produced lots of burning on the wood pieces. The groove bit cut with ease through the material. Problem I had with the set, was that the tongue and groove were cut too loosely nothing fit snug as it should be.Very professional and accurate pictureFast shipment,I very recomend,As describedLove it and have already used it to build a few quality solid wood doors.I used to make some cabenit doors they worked really well, I did it with out a coping sled, I bought one shortly after to give me more precision cut. Works great with 3/4in thick wood.These had shattered carbide tips after only three cuts in maple. Be very cautious about buying these. I’ve replaced them with Bosch bits, with which I’ve now done an entire maple cabinet project with no issues and super-clean cuts.Good productMy husband does wood working, I ordered these for him. They are good quality.The product I received was not good, the bits were dull and caused chip out, the customer service is also very bad. I sent my back. I would leave zero stars but that is not an optionBurns the wood, bearing too small must use fence for depth adjustment, grove does not cut full 3/4¡± leaving sliver that has to be sanded offThe product looks very well built and sturdy, unfortunately I cannot use them as I ordered the wrong shank size, my routers have a 14″; shank.what I needed,I have not used them yet, but upon inspection they appear to be machined quite well, and are substantial pieces.Product arrived as expected with appropriate packaging. Initial inspection indicates the product is of good quality but have not used it yet.Product info did not state a specific drill or machine was needed for this bit. Very Disappointed.Is it what I hoped for…No. Honestly at the price of under $16 I wasn’t expecting a top quality cut for long but was hoping to get one from the start but I didn’t. I wasn’t cutting into anything hard, the wood had a Janka score of around 630, yet the cut was messy along the edges and since I am using the wood for an office wall it just won’t do so I went back to using my straight bit and running the board twice. I wasn’t pleased and unfortunately I cannot return it since I purchase this a couple months ago and just got to the project. If you are going for a really rustic look and don’t care about a clean look this may work for you but alas you still probably won’t be happy. Also, it would be nice if the cutting teeth were a bit larger than they are to allow for tolerance of the thickness of the board and it would probably give a better looking edge along the cut.rapido el env¨ªo, muy buenoIt was an excellent gift.Haven¡¯t tried but look nicely made.Looks good haven’t used them so have no real input.

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