Eagle America 400-2048 Marking Center Finderreview 2019

Decent tool for the price, pencil hole isn’t exactly on center but you can work around it by going down the boards edge and then go down it again after rotating tool.THIS SIMPLE GADGET IS RIGHT ON CENTERING TARGET AND SURE MAKES CENTERING THE BOARD EDGE SO MUCH EASIER AND ACCURATE.My husband loves using this for his wood working projects.greatIts a Chinese piece of plastic crap,,,, but it works.The small plastic part on the top of the unit that holds the pencil was broken off when I received it, but that wasn’t a problem, a quick couple of dabs of crazy glue and it was like new again. Another problem that someone else mentioned was that the pencil included didn’t fit in the machined center hole, but after sanding the pencil octagonal sides it fit just fine. I also tried a standard (round #2) pencil and it also fit just fine. The hole in the unit is just a little over 1/4 inch, so any pencil with that outside dimension will work. I have to make a number of mortise and tenon joints on cabinet door frames that I’m building for a set of kitchen cabinets, plus groove the stiles and rails for the center panels and this tool will go a long way to make those groves and mortise and tenon joints perfectly aligned. This is a great tool to find the exact center of those parts quickly and easily.CleverOKAmazing clever tool,,1 of those why didn’t I think of that. Slightly limited in size capacity, but works on sizes intended.A nifty little item to have in the woodshop. I think the simple design would be easy to replicate in walnut or oak, something nice to give to your wood working friends.,Great to quickly find and mark a center line.Works like it’s supposed toIt’s ok for longer stock, but to be honest way to expensive for a simple plastic tool.Works as advertised.Just what I needed, and Great to Keep Around.Great tool, have made a bigger oneexcellentGood tool to have in the workshop for sure, keeping up with it is another matter.Perfect tool for the craftsman, simple and efficient.Real simple and works well! a must have for any toolbox!,Not as useful as i thought, and not worth the money.Great for doweling. Simple, effective, and easy to useGreat product for a good pricefinds center ever timesimple to use.Disappointed in this product. The pencil provided is too large to fit in the hole. I have a pencil that will fit, but this is inexcusable. The posts were not glued in properly, so they just fell out. It’s OK because I can glue them in with cyano. Good product concept, just poorly executed. You can make it work.Made of plastic but durable enough for my use. Included pencil is useless but a standard #2 pencil works great.A very handy tool to have when finding the center on dimensional lumber when biscuit joining, doweling, or band saw resawing. Quality is good.Cannot draw line on the end of board…Awesome. Like magic! So simple yet so effective,This unit is a good mine. Saves so much time and is so accurate.I had made one just like this, but wanted to see what a factory one was like is a fabulous tool for the man that needs a center line works greatWorks as advertised.Nice addition to tools.What could be simpler.Simple tool, easy to useGreat tool. Use t a lot.A very good product that I know will get used over and over again. It will definitely will save me time. The shipping time was excellent. Thank-YouTodo bien y a tiempogood

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