Bucket Boss Bucket Boss 80200 Duckwear SuperBib Apronreview 2019

Executive summary:- Tough, well made, thoughtfully designed apron- Perfect length for woodworking- The padded, over the shoulder straps are an excellent feature- More pockets than you may ever need (yeah, so they hold wood chips. So would mesh. Not really a big deal.)- An excellent choice at a very reasonable price- Merits a 4 star or excellent rating (5 stars are hard to get to from me.)I had wanted an apron for use in my woodshop for a long time, but I just never find the right mix of quality for my engineer’s brain, toughness for my clumsy mistakes, and cheapness because I’m a hobby woodworker and, for some reason, we are all so cheap that we’d rather read reviews for 10 hours to make sure a $20 apron is worthwhile. Well, let me save you some time: buy this apron. If you got this far, you already want it, so pull the trigger. You’ll love it. The fabric is heavy enough to be tough, and light enough that it doesn’t trap heat and make you sweat more. The length is perfect, in my opinion. Some people seem to want something that looks more like a ball gown, though I don’t understand why. (Get a blacksmith’s or a welders apron if you want to dance, dance, dance.) This apron can be worn with pants, shorts, and possibly chaps without worrying about it causing any problems. (Haven’t tried chaps yet. Hmm….) The stitching is well done and the pockets are well thought out, but what really makes this one stand out are the straps. I love the padded, over the shoulder design. (Btw, if you find yourself unable to figure them out, you really need to get out of the woodshop until you sober up. That’s just a bad idea.) Yes, the pockets will hold wood chips. It’s really not a big deal. Bottom line, this is a great option at a good price and will serve you well.Cheers!I lite it. The cotton is very heavy duty, much stronger than the apron it replaces. For me the pockets are just the right size. One of the narrow pocket is open on the bottom which will be great when I need to carry a longish screwdriver or an adjustable square. The apron I’ve been using hangs the weight around my neck, this apron transfers the weight to my shoulders and is well padded. In that I do tenant repairs for a property management company I am tempted to buy a couple more and set them up for various tasks: plumbing, electrical, woodworking, etc. I have a set of framing carpenter nail bags, they were great for framing but not so good for tenant repairs or putzing around in my shop. I’ve always preferred aprons to bags when it was appropriate and have had dozens of them over the last fifty years. I’m only 5′-6″; and the apron fits me just fine.This is the second apron I have bought as my gardening apron. I wore the first one for a very long time before a strap broke (it would have been easy to sew it back together but my husband wanted me to just get another one since the price is so good.) It is well-made and heavy-duty. I stuff it with all kinds of pruners, garden gloves, spades, pencils, seed packets, plant markers, hoses washers….etc. It has numerous pockets. the shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable. It also helps to keep the front of my shirt clean. Love this apron!This is a great apron for the price, but you’re definitely getting what you pay for, which isn’t much. This apron is well built, we really like the thick shoulder straps and canvas material. We’ve had it about 2 months now and it’s held up well under almost daily use. The pockets are very loose though, so bending over with anything in them isn’t a good idea. It’s also VERY short. I’m only 5′ 3″; and it comes only to my upper thigh, so not much coverage if you’re trying to protect clothes. This is more of a tool belt/apron than a true apron. I’m assuming that’s why it’s so short. Unfortunately you can’t use it as a tool belt because of the construction of the pockets. o.OOverall, it’s been good for the price and gets the job done so I give it 3 stars.Fits great with lots of storage. For common tools only I wish was improved was the shoulders pads like to move around so you have to adjust them. If they were longer it would make a big difference. Also I wish at least one of the pockets had a Velcro or snap to close. I keep my phone in the upper pocket but if you lean over it will fall right out. Other than that really great product for use around the shopHonestly – the problem with this, and most other shop aprons is the pockets. I wear a shop apron instead of tool bags because of a bad back- and that works great. The problem is the ‘pouches’ on this, and any other sub-$100 apron I’ve tried … I can’t get my hands in there. They’re just too small to be really useful as a replacement set of ‘tool bags’.I use this in my home shop for hobby woodworking. It’s OK. I like the fact that it protects my clothes and prevents sawdust from jamming into my front pockets and all over my shirt. That sawdust, however, now ends up filling the pockets of the apron. It’s comfortable and causes me no issues even after hours of wearing it.It’s not quite the panacea that I had assumed, though. Tools easily fall out of pockets when bending over and pockets are just not utilized perfectly because of size constraints. It’s hard to get a small pencil our of the holder, as it sinks in. Clipping a lead pencil seems ok, but it falls out. I use chaulk a lot and there’s just no good way to store that. Again, it either gets stuck and breaks in the pencil slot, or falls out of the center pocket. I really need several pencil slots (that are short pencil-friendly). Pockets fill with debris. I end up using this to a fraction of its intended capacity. Basically, I can clip a small tape measure to it no problem and slide a 4″; double T into the other side (bottom left in photo). I wonder if there’s a way to incorporate pocket covers?I’m not sure what my perfect apron would look like, but this isn’t it.Unless there’s something that shows up down the road, this is perfect and suits my needs. I got tired of laying a pencil or other regularly used item down and losing it, so hopefully I can train myself to use all the pockets rather than absent-mindedly plopping it down on a cluttered work surface. . I’m 6′ 2″; with a 36-38″; pants size and after adjusting the back strap, it fits fine. The shoulder strap pads make it comfortable and likely help keep them from moving around. Just what I needed.This thing is great for tinkering in the wood shop.Good selection of pockets.Adjusts to a variety of shapes and sizes (myself, my wife, and my dad have all worn it while working, and all three of us are quite different in size and shape, and all 3 of us were able to adjust it to fit and be comfortable).Not so thick as to be hot, but not so thin as to fall apart.Good stitching.I anticipate this will last many years based on the quality.Would recommend, would order again.This thing must be made for really short people because I’m only 6 ft and the apron ends just below my stomach. Needs to be at least 3-4″; longer or more adjustable. They wanted to charge me $5 to return it when it only cost $12 in the first place.,Was well received by the brother-in-law for his wood shop work.The wide shoulder straps were especially praised.Now I want one for my shop.I’m 5″; 8″;, when comfortably adjusted the pockets are in a good position at the top of my thighs.If you do a lot of bending down, tools, etc may fall out of the pockets.In that case you might look at the Ergodyne Arsenal 5700 model.I also purchased this for my sister who does a lot of garden work and is constantly bending.The pockets in the Ergodyne are higher, above your belt line.This is a great apron for mostly stationary work. When utilizing it for tasks/jobs that require lots of movement such as up and down ladders, the shoulders slip and it gets lopsided. I tried adjustments but couldn’t get it to stay where i wanted it to. It was definitely more pronounced when i had a hammer on one side but not a counter weight on the other.My better half was raised using a tool belt. That thing was so big, bulky, and heavy. I would crack jokes when he put it on and clunked around. He found this apron after looking for a smaller tool belt and LOVES IT! He is a professional Remodeler/Restorer and finds this works much better for his needs. He has pencils, Sharpies, knife, mini combo square, nail sets, etcetera in this and says it is easier to move around and work with. He is 6′ 2″; tall and a fit 187 lbs and this fits him great. He uses it daily and is very happy he found this (best design of all the aprons he researched).Simply the best vest I have ever owned. Heavy duty, comfortable, easy to put on, many useful pockets. I would give this one 6 stars if I could.Update 12/14/14I work in my woodworking shop almost every day. I have tried many different tool belts and aprons over the years. The Bucket Boss Super Bib Aron is by far the best.Pros:Very comfortable. The shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders.The bib is easy to put on. No strings to tie behind my back.Very durable material, well made.A good selection of pockets to keep frequently used tools close at hand. No wondering across the shop looking for a tape measure or try square.Material breaths well keeping you cooler than some bibs.Cons:I can’t think of any!This apron is well made and does its job. Some people have commented that it is a little small for them. I am 6’1″; and it fits me just fine. The pockets do pick up some saw dust but not nearly as much as you’d think they would. I would have really liked the pencil holders on the chest to be a little tighter as standard #2 pencils (and my little metal ruler) do slip out at times. The smaller pencil sized pockets on the lower part of the apron are not suitable for pencils as the lead breaks constantly when you’re moving or squatting down. Put the pencils in lead up you say? Nah, I’d stab myself constantly. Even with those few things I am still giving it 5 stars as it really is well made and a great product.Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! I wore this daily for a month during a large back yard / home project. Love the pockets, fit, etc. Sturdy and it does loosen up.I wish it had a better “;loop”; for holding a hammer on the side and some other tools slip through the hole in the side holders.Great apron though. I purchased the waist belt version for smaller jobs!The apron is strong and light. It does pretty much what it is designed for. Holds clip nails, holds enough hand nails,screws and things you need. tape measure doesn’t get lost. Pencil is handy. I cut the bottom out of one pocket to slide my combination square in. Hammer loops are good on both sides. Easy to slide in without binding. I do wish that the suspender strap. Was two straps instead of sliding your arm in one side, then attaching the connecting strap on the other. As is. At times it is kind of like putting your dog in a harness. It takes some getting used to. On the other hand. Once the apron is on. It becomes part of your day like any tool.If you’re looking for something less than a tool belt to hold a pencil, tape, square, utility knife and a few other odds and ends this works well. I have been using it for cutting and small projects. The padded shoulder straps and side buckle are a plus. I expect it’ll hold up well.Edit: After using this a few times I find that where the waist belt attaches to the shoulder straps is too high causing the waist belt to bunch in the attachment buckle. And that it is easier to leave the waist belt buckled than to adjust every time I put the apron on.this superbib apron appears to be well made with reinforced stitching at pocket entry stress points, hopefully this apron will prove more durable than the previous item I tried. Heavy duty canvas is a known fabric versus 6000D oxford stiffness. The padded shoulder straps will weight distribute & the waist belt accommodating up to 52 inches allows the apron to be worn over a jacket.I love this apron. I must have looked at 50 aprons, all different prices and styles. 2 things I required: lots of pockets and soft and comfortable. This exceeded all my expectations. Plus it’s GREAT looking with padded suspenders. I’m 5’9″;, 180 lbs and with the straps fully extended the bottom comes to my mid-thighs – or cinch it up to crotch level. For this price, all you mountain men would do well to buy this apron and lengthen the straps as you wish. Another idea is to wear a longer el-cheapo apron underneath this one just to protect your longer legs. Bucket Boss really did this one right. After ordering if, by some miracle, you don’t like this, gift it to any handy person and I promise they will thank you.,Super wonderful. I mostly wear for when I do small cutting and staining. Wear this to protect my clothes from stain and so i have my phone and everything else quickly at my fingertips. I need my phone on me when I work cause I keep track of business docs electronically. Perfect pocket at the top for my phone….I just cannot bend over or it will go flying.Very happy with this. The material is heavy canvas that is very soft and pliable. I was so impressed with the quality on this garment. I cannot believe I went so long with out one. over 25 years of laying tape measures and pencils down and forgetting where they were. Now every thing goes easily in one of the apron pockets and is always right there when I need it most, had to get out of the habit of laying things down on the bench and use the pockets on the apron instead.This is way underpriced for what you get.It can get pretty hot in my shop. In the Spring and Summer a full-apron is just too much. I am loving this product. Plenty of pockets and it hangs comfortably from my shoulders and not from my hips like my old tool belt. It appears to be well made and I am hoping to use this for many years.I ordered the Bucket Boss 80200 Duckwear Superbib Apron for my mother’s husband and I cannot wait to give it to him. He loves to woodwork in his garage and lays his tools down and becomes frustrated because he cannot find them. The material is great canvas quality. The stitching is well done and appears to be able to withstand some abuse. The shoulder straps are adjustable and along with the 16 pockets I believe he will enjoy many uses out of this Apron.Fits well. Love the pocket sizes. It¡¯s just great product if your into wood working projects; like me, I tend put down my tape, pencil and square while doing other activities, however now I¡¯ll not lose them, sometimes they are in front of me or on table and just can¡¯t find it. Now I just simply put them in convenient pockets, make my cuts and joints and they there at hand when ready??I bought this apron to replace my carpenter’s tool belt. The perfect woodworkers companion! Fits me like a glove and I’m a short and round jolly ole fellow! It’s lightweight, yet heavy duty. It keeps my most used hand tools and fasteners handy and the weight off of my waist so I don’t have to constantly tug on my jeans while working! I recommend this Bucket Boss Apron to any woodworker.I purchased this some time ago and I love love love this thing mannnnnn!!!! It is well made of rugged material and comfortable to ware. Though I might get the what you cooking heckles every once in a while I just respond “;You don’t want to know.”; I would recommend this to others look to purchase…… Oh yea it holds all the little things I find myself looking for while I’m working, you know that tape measure, pencil, level, etc…….This apron is nothing short of terrific. It has ample pockets for tools, including marking pencils and hammer loops. With the shoulder and waist straps it doesn’t move around, nor does it put the weight of your tools on your neck. For a DIYer like myself, it’s great to have my tools, screws, etc. within easy reach instead of on the other side of the workbench, as often happens when you’re moving around on a project. I like this item so much I’m getting one for my wife for her gardening…The pockets and loops will accommodate her small garden tools nicely.I’m 6′ 3″;, and weigh in at 285, 46″; waist, and 54″; chest. My wife had to add 22″; to the straps so I could get it on. After having it on I found the poor straps weren’t the only deficit. Pretty shoddy for a big guy, not sure if it would work for a smaller guy.I love theses aprons. I¡¯ve ordered three or four of them with no problems other than screwdrivers etc. making holes in bottom of pockets, which is to be expected over time. But this last one I ordered I gently set down at lunch and the clip on the right side broke!?!? First time ever. Must¡¯ve been a bad piece. Still a great apron just unusable with a broken clip and it¡¯s brand new!!,Perfect apron for my girthBought for my husband. He wishes it was longer. Nice quality, though.Great apron for the shop or whatever. Probably will wear it out tonight.good as advertised. Heavy enough to do the jobvery niceVery well made and works great in the shop.Simple and durable. Excellent value.very goodgood pricegreat carpenters apron

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