Allway GT3 Graining Tool Set 3Pcreview 2019

I bought this to faux paint my dad’s old foot locker for my son’s room. Using these, and viewing a few video’s on the You Tubes, I was able to make the foot locker look like a pirate’s chest. This was pretty simple to do, and I was really happy with the results. I believe that I used the smaller rocker tool to get the patterns that I wanted. It also took a little bit of practicing so that the wood grain looked natural.Exactly as I expected the kit to be. The rubber has clean lines (no manufacturing mistakes to try to cover up later). It feels cheaply made, but it’s lasted through many a faux treatment now for me. Easy to clean when you’re done. You can buy a more expensive version with wooden handles, but they do the same job, so save yourself a bit of money if that’s important to you. I would certainly buy this again if my current one broke. My seller was Allway Tools – and they shipped exactly on time. This is the type of thing you need to practice with a bit before expecting perfection, so if you purchase and are unhappy afterward it’s likely your technique and not the tool, but tons of free tutorials abound online. ;)Wow, this turned out great!! I impressed myself! Want a nice woodgrain, you will get it with these rockers!I tested this on a flat board first and it blew my mind how legit the grains looked.I wanted to see if I could get some of my house trim to look like finished wood and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.Took me a couple tries to figure out a good base color, a good color for the grain then a stain/poly on top. So three step process but definitely easier than trying to strip my window sill down to the bare wood and refinishing. Two thumbs way up on these grain tools.PS. I ended up not using the triangle because the lines looked fake, I used a course brush after the grain tool instead.these are a lot of fun to use on my Gelli plate printing you are able to create many different designs with these tools you can spin then you can drag them and roll them … my fave way to play with them is to spin the grain roller … never get the same design twice …. like bit the same if using the same control …. the triangle tool fun to write with in the paint and anyways your creative mind comes up with …. these are very well made tools if cared for correctly they will last you a lifetime … i would purchase more tools from this brandLove this! It made faux wood grain very easy to do!I bought these to use for doing wood graining on a canvas. I am so happy with the results! Having the loarger head and smaller one has allowed me to make different board sizes and the triangle one I used to make the edges look like the ends of wood planks as well as to further define the space between boards. I am excieted to now use this to do wood graining on my front door. Wish me luck!!Arrived very quickly, was well packaged, and cost me less than my supply stores that I purchase my faux finish and painting materials at. I’ve been looking for a graining tool for some time now but didn’t want just the rocker as I tend to like a more stria pattern to the grain instead of the wood knots. This includes everything I need for future projects! The handle seems to be very sturdy, the tools were larger than I initial expected (great surprise), and the option for different patterns is a HUGE plus!I made the coolest design from simple plywood. Fools everybody and they think it¡¯s reclaimed. Very easy to use and any errors and easily fixed. I got better with use but it¡¯s a great tool. If used for a long period of time I recommend cleaning every 45 min so the paint won¡¯t dry up. It¡¯s then a pain to clean up and scrub between the crevassesWe have two garages. We bought one stained garage door for one and when it came time to replace the door on the other garage, my husband wanted to try his hand at staining them first. He really like these tools and the door turned out better than the one done by the manufacturing, IMO.,Great tool for faux tool. I used them with oil based paints and I clean these tools with thinner and they did not suffer any damage.I love this thing. Takes a little practice. But once u get it down it looks really real. I have pix of an airsoft ak47. The plastic pistol grip is painted to match the real wood stocks. No one could tell me what piece was painted from 2 feet.This is a great set, I used this on a couple doorways and I am planning to use it on a door. I did use it on a wall in my bedroom too. I would recommend that you test it out on some scrap wood to get used to how to do this, it really helps to practice. I tried the triangle piece and I didn’t feel it gave me the results I had hoped but the other two pieces worked great. The small one was good for a door way that had smaller moulding.I bought this set but only used the flat one since I was trying to work on crown moulding to create a wood grain look. It worked beautifully. To get the knots I used a cork wrapped in terry cloth and brushed a little paint on it and applied. Worked wonders. I highly recommend this set.These are nice. I was doing a kitchen floor wood graining project. Ultimately, I opted for a small hand held broom to do the grain pattern I was looking to achieve because my floor was not as flat surfaced as I would’ve liked. These are best used on a well prepped flat surface.Great tool for painting concrete floorsWorked great after a few practice runs, realistic wood grain.Pretty happy with this product! I wanted to make our steel door look like wood and this got the job done. The triangle tool was helpful for the indented parts around the panels.The 2 curved tools would work great on a smooth surface I tested them on. My project however was a rough surface and the comb type tool did an incredible job. Thin down your paint with flowetrol. About 1 to 1 worked well for me.This handy set of tools helped me turn a boring, dated, white Formica-sided cabinet into a modern, wood-grained cabinet! You just need to experiment a bit – I ended up using the big tool to put a heavy grain down first, then combed through that with the triangular shaped piece to make the grain “;finer”;. I’m very happy with the results, and it was TONS cheaper than either refacing with a woodgrain Formica or replacing the cabinet entirely.,Wasn’t the right tool for my wall. I thought my walls would be flat enough to get this gained look, but unfortunately if they are COMPLETELY flat, this textured look will not turn out. I still ended up using the tools to make circular patterns on my walls, just to give them a little dimension, but was still slightly disappointed that the wood look didn’t turn out.We used these for graining the wood trim in the living room of a mid 19th century house, and the results were fantastic! The tools were easy to use and the process went quickly, and were small enough to use on the window sills, door edging, etc.Very easy to use and beautiful wood grain results.A couple years ago we had bought this metal patio table with a faux finish. It looked really nice for a while but after a few Colorado summers and winters, the finish completely chipped off. So we used these tools to restore the table and we’re pretty pleased with the results.I broke on bracket from the smaller graining head-still useable, but I¡¯ve had a wood handled one years ago-the plastic one is s bit harder to use.I was disappointed how hard the plastic is. There is no give and I could not get an even pattern. I’ve used other tools with softer rubber patterns and had no trouble with them.It does what it is meant for. Easy clean up. I made faux beams for the ceiling and NO ONE knew they weren’t real…until, of course, I told them.I bought this set to use if I needed to re create the grain in a table I was re finishing. It works.It didn¡¯t work as well as I thought it would. The wood graining tool felt stiff and took more of the glaze. It did not make the wood grain. I tried the smaller one and it kept popping out of the holder. The triangle comb was decent. I wish it was gradually large tooth to small tooth. Would not purchase againSo far I am struggling to use it, it actually scrapes off the paint down to the original surface. I will continue trying and revise my review if things improve.This product does not live up to what it is suppose to do! Don’t know until you try it though.,Made my metal doors look just like real woodgreatSo much fun! Still practicing, not hard at allGreat tool!Exelente

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